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Now available as an ebook from Honeymead Books and in paperback from Amazon:

anairthatkills_cover_graphic2aAn Air That Kills.  Alicia and Emma, mistress and maid, unequal companions, and lovers, trace their history in episodes.From Edwardian Worcestershire, to the Isle of Lesbos, to the London Blitz, through joy and pain, enlightenment and disillusionment, meeting the horrors and cynicism of wartime, and perhaps finding redemption in a return to childhood, they stumble through the thickets of love and sex together and apart.

Has either of them had a choice as to how their lives ran?

The story is seen through the eyes of Emma Hendry, the servant who becomes her mistresses’s companion and carer during a turbulent period of Britain’s history.

A reviewer remarked:
The story of two unequal companions, Mistress and Maid.  There is an element of humanity contained in this story, that the author brings close to us.  It’s hard to explain.  You need to read it.