Ask Morgana 223: Who’s beautiful?

A while ago I featured Diana Rigg in the persona of Emma Peel from The Avengers. The actor who took over as John Steed’s female sidekick when Diana left the show was always going to have a hard time. Everyone compared her to her predecessor. “Oh she’s all right, but she’s not Emma Peel!” Well, of course she wasn’t – she wasn’t supposed to be. I’m 1talking of course about Linda Thorson as Tara King. She was supposed to be entirely different. Rather than being a high-flying woman who had run her own corporation, Tara King was a character who had risen through the ranks, had no great talent at unarmed combat, but didn’t need to – she had a brick in her handbag!

Composer Laurie Johnson gave her her own musical motif in the familiar theme music, and there she was, rising from the meadow-flowers in a backless, black dress. Maybe it did take regular fans a while to get used to her, but then series 6 of the show was a little more surreal than series 5, with a wheelchair-bound spymaster called ‘Mother’ attended by a Junoesque but silent assistant. Tara King appeared in a series of wigs, but those disguises couldn’t mask the fact that Linda Thorson was a very beautiful woman.

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