Ask Morgana 216: Who’s beautiful?

gp2I promised myself that if I ever got married – conventionally, that is – it would have to be to Atticus Finch. Just to complicate things, I also wanted Atticus Finch as my dad. Stoical, calm, intelligent, dignified, but not afraid of the common touch, the Atticus Finch of the silver screen was my all-round favourite man.

Him and Capt. James McKay from The Big Country. If ever there was a stereotype-buster as a hero in a Western – possibly the best Western ever produced – then it was James McKay. An Easterner, a sea-captain, he refuses to be bound by the spurious, tough-guy code he finds there, refuses to ‘prove’ himself by their values. He knows his own worth.

Incidentally, if you haven’t seen The Big Country, then see it. Gregory Peck, one of the most beautiful men of the 20c, is wonderful in it. But notwithstanding his presence, and that of stars like Chuck Connors and Charlton Heston, it is Burl Ives’ performance that stands out.

Anyhow, I’ll cut the cackle. Today it’s all about Gregory Peck.



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