Ask Morgana 206: Who’s beautiful?

This isn’t so much a who as a what, a matter of style, though there are a couple of ‘whos’ shown below. The 1960s-Ivy-League-inspired style for American gentlemen, if taken right, is a thing of beauty. If taken too precisely, it is prissy and preppy; if too casual, it is sloppy. It can be given a hard, ‘street’ edge by an English mod or skinhead from the 60s. But when it is done right – a button-down shirt with a Baracuta G9 perhaps, or a tweed jacket with natural shoulders worn with a lambswool sweater, or chinos and loafers maybe – it is, it is, it is a thing of unalloyed beauty.

Below see Steve McQueen, the King of Cool…

Ivy League Steve McQeen 2

… especially when posed by a sports car. And had you forgotten how handsome the young Dustin Hofman could be?

Ivy League Dustin Hofman 2

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