Ask Morgana 197: Corrado Vanelli

cv1Corrado Vanelli is one of the most fascinating artists currently working in computer graphics and in the genre of fantasy. In case anyone thinks that the computer does all the work, Vanelli can show that he is equally skilled with traditional – and minimal – materials; see the pencil sketch to the right.

Vanelli says of himself:

I’m a simple man so my personal story is not so interesting. I’m Italian, I live in Italy and I love my country. I have a huge passion for bonsai, philosophy and, of course, every kind of art. I paint since I was a child and one of my favourite tools are still pencil and paper. I discovered computer graphics several years ago (around the mid 90’s). After some experiments with 3D modeling I decided to work only with 2D painting because I consider it the best way to expand and concretize my ideas. To eat and pay bills I work like mechanical designer because for me art is a passion, not a job. I believe in the energy that every artist puts in his personal projects: it’s the genuine sense of the art.

Like many of the fantasy artists I feature here, Corrado Vanelli has much more on his mind, and in his portfolio, than overt eroticism. However, whether he is portraying a single tear on the face of a blue-eyed ingenue that begs for a kiss to take it away, or Nazi-chic Steampunk, there is – again like many other artists – a strongly erotic undercurrent, the power of suggestion before display.






Images reproduced under ‘fair use’ provisions.

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