Ask Morgana 191: Josh Middleton

Josh Middleton is another illustrator of comic books. Wow! – doesn’t that seem a flat statement! He is actually a superb and imaginative artist and, like so many others that I have featured in this series, he is not primarily concerned with producing erotica. But just look at this handful of images, which show what he can do when portraying women. They range from the elfin to the Mistress, in finished drawings and sketches, from the vaguely necrophiliac to the fantastic. See how he handles one of America’s sexiest comic book icons – Wonder Woman. We are beneath her as she whirls her lasso, her dynamic power emphasised by foreshortening, her figure perfect and monumental. We kneel – we are, in effect worshipping her barely-concealed mons Veneris, submissive…








Images reproduced under ‘fair use’ provisions.

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