Ask Morgana 187: Ilisa Millermoon

“I am an intuitive energy artist. When placing the acrylic ink on the watercolor paper I invite it to dance with me. I don’t force it in any direction, I encourage it to go where it may. It is a delightful dance.” Ilisa Millermoon

I adore Ilisa Millermoon’s art. It is so dynamic – no surprise to me that she describes herself in terms of energy, as energy is what radiates from her paintings. Notwithstanding their being non-personal, I find them incredibly sexy (that doesn’t happen very often, even though this series is about erotic art!), for example, in the way that in one painting two joined hands become the single centre of a woman’s physical love. She is incredibly aware of our physicality.









Images reproduced under ‘fair use’ provisions.

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