Ask Morgana 183: Michael Parkes

The work of Michael Parkes fascinates me. He applies such meticulous realism to a mythical world he created himself, where naked women lie languidly with lions, angels or swans or other winged beasts soar, against a vaguely classical backdrop full of arcane symbolism. It is too precise to be surreal, too unreal not to be fantasy, too realistic to be another universe, to magical to be here. What or who is the Horus-like being, in a breastplate and strange helmet, trying to enfold a haughty, staring Queen in his wings? Why is there an egg balanced precariously where he perches?

Parkes creates by lithography, produces his work in poster form, allows his illustrations to grace the covers of books, portrays women (or female beings) too remote to be sexy but too perfect not to be, remains an enigma. Perhaps I should talk to him, but I don’t speak Egg…








Images reproduced under ‘fair use’ provisions.

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