Ask Morgana 179: Stefan Kuhn

sk00No, not the Canadian skier, the German artist born 1967.

Stefan Kuhn works in oils and pastels, but is undoubtedly best known for his digital art. His main emphasis is on solo women and female couples making love, mainly depicted in almost total blackout but with a few lines and curves highlighted. He works by suggestion rather than by depiction, therefore. However this leads me to wonder whether his subject-obsession tends to hide a weakness when it comes to being able to draw or paint faces – see the item on the right. The body-lines do justice to an idealised female shape, that’s certain.

Is this irrelevant? After all, what I am doing in this series is showcasing the erotic in art, in particular in images with female subjects. Expertise does compliment the subject, but when all is said and done it is the subject and the obsession that matters. No matter what my opinion of Stefan Kuhn’s draughtsmanship may be, his works sell on line.

The selection below includes several of his blackout/highlight works, and a couple which show how he bases more than one finished artwork on the same basic image. As for that, welcome to the digital age.











Images reproduced under ‘fair use’ provisions.

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