Ask Morgana 171: Pierre Lissac

Pierre-Marie-Joseph Lissac (1878-1955) was a prolific painter, illustrator, and cartoonist.

paul_chabas_Musee_du_Luxembourgcroquis-lissac0001As a cartoonist, working under the signatures ‘Pierlis’ or ‘Kiss’, he had a subtly satirical style, such as here (right) where he gently mocks the coy style of nudes painted by Paul Chabas (left). Chabas’ nymph, bathing in a gotto pool, becomes Lissac’s disgruntled girl, dripping wet, having a stand-up wash in a tub of cold water.

I might feature Chabas later. We’ll see…

Meanwhile, back to Lissac. His non-erotic works are almost numberless – his career spanned nearly sixty years – yet the simple, frank, minimal illustrations he provided for an edition of Pierre Louÿs’ Les Chanson de Bilitis caught my eye. To my eye, what they capture is a kind of delight, freedom, innocence. Perhaps they don’t really qualify as erotic art at all;  but having said that, this series has often asked the genre to define itself, to set its parameters, and has often found those parameters slipping.




pl0I’ll leave you with one of Lissac’s lighthearted drawings, in which a bobbed-haired model wanders over to examine her portrait, while the artist is taking a natural break, and just say that all images here are reproduced under ‘fair use’ provisions. As always, thank you for visiting.

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