Ask Morgana 170: Luca Tarlazzi

Once more the world of erotica is intertwangled* with the world of the comic book. It’s not as though the mucky-minded can’t read, otherwise I would be out of a job, for heaven’s sake! But there’s no mistaking Luca Tarlazzi’s intent and content, hence the adult tag for this post.

Luca Tarlazzi, born in 1962, has worked in the media of sculpture, tattoo, and computer graphics. He is, however, best known for his comic-book character ‘Selen’, though which came first, his character or the porn star of the same name, I do not know. I do my research, readers, but only up to a point.







*’Intertwangled’ is a word that the BBC is trying, tongue in cheek, to get included in the OED. To add your weight see #intertwangled @BBCPM on Twitter.

Images reproduced under ‘fair use’ provisions.

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