Ask Morgana 145: Apollonia Saintclair

Just a heads-up first. Because I have a lot on my plate right now, I shall probably not be posting here on a daily basis, but rather as and when I can. I’ll try to make it at least every other day, and there will be times when I will be able to do a daily post – just don’t set your watch by me.


Okay. Apollonia Sinclair – what can I say? ‘Apollonia Saintclair’ is probably a nom-de-brosse. She lives and works in ‘Europe’. She has been creating India-ink drawings since about 2012, and they are almost without exception erotic, but sometimes violent or grotesque: “The grotesque is an alphabet to me, a bestiary deeply rooted in our unconscious“. She creates them for her own pleasure and is flattered that other people consider them ‘art’. She cites Milo Manara (see an earlier post here) and Moebius as her influences, but her work reminds me very much of that of Mal Dean. Some of her drawings are explicit…

glimpsed through the window of a ‘for sale’ car, a young woman’s head is thrown back, her tongue straining upwards to lick another young woman, intimately, who is posed awkwardly above her; two young women, standing before half-open curtains, each pulling her t-shirt up over her breasts, each with her face covered by her crossed-over arms; a young woman on all-fours reaches behind to grab the hair of her companion, forcing her face into her rear cheeks; an orgy of women sucking at each others’ nipples…

while some are merely suggestive..

a pair of female legs, shod in ‘tart shoes’, poke out of a taxi window; a short skirt, a pair of long legs, a pair of stiletto heels; a sunbathing girl, topless, her bikini bottoms only just revealing the first inch of her curls…

and you don’t need much of a search on Google or Bing to find them. For that reason, I have chosen to tease you with a selection of facial expressions detailed from her work. That’s all!












Images reproduced under ‘fair use’ provisions.

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