Ask Morgana 136: Julie Delcourt

The name Julie Delcourt is well-known to connoisseurs of erotic art. She produced a series of watercolour drawings mainly depicting women. Her subjects – with retroussé noses, carmine lips, victory rolls, seamed stockings, sheer slips – always had a 1940s elegance. Each work more than hinted at dominance and fetishism. More often than not the submissive woman would be smaller or wearing lower heels. A frequent fetish depicted was the enema. But who was Julie Delcourt? Possibly hers was the nom de brosse of one Richard Hegemann. Or it could even have been vice versa. Someone out there knows, but no one’s telling.

Caveat: Before you go searching for Delcourt’s work on line, please note that occasionally they show the sexual initiation of a young man; invariably the youth is slender, angelic, and androgynous, and importantly it is impossible to gauge his age. I have always clicked away from such pictures. I would never knowingly view or keep pictures where someone could be assumed to be less than 18. I trust my followers to be as wise.







Images reproduced under ‘fair use’ provisions.

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