Ask Morgana 131: Cayetano de Arquer Buigas

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Now then, Cayetano de Arquer Buigas (1932-2012) is usually described as an impressionist, although his lifespan post-dates the Impressionist Period by several decades. However, he showed his allegiance to his chosen artistic direction with this wonderful little piece of artistic satire, which shows the look of horror and anger on the face of a model, having posed for hours in the nude, only to find that Pablo Picasso (presumably) had painted a modernist grotesque of her.

De Arquer Buigas was born into a family that had, on one side, Catalan nobility, and on the other side a heritage of artistry, his grandfather having been the architect who designed the Columbus Monument in Barcelona. De Arquer Buigas himself worked primarily in oil, pastel, and charcoal, and also had a love for photography. His subject matter was extensive, but he had a penchant for painting women, and especially loved the female neck seen from behind.

The selection I have made here is, once again, an example of fine art that is touched with the erotic. De Arquer Buigas’s work does not always convince me, and his leaning towards impressionism sometimes seems retrograde; but nonetheless he had an undeniable talent and a consistent technique.









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