Ask Morgana 103: Gabriel Mark Lipper


I know very little about contemporary painter Gabriel Mark Lipper except that he paints with extraordinary vigour. He has this to say about his art:

I love to paint.  I’ve been blessed by timing.  To be alive right now for this chapter in arts history is a phenomenal gift.  Classicism, once pronounced “dead” is reemerging with a new contemporary vitality.  The gifts of modernism: color, form, and abstraction, are now being seamlessly integrated with the craftsmanship and techniques of the past.  How wonderful to have so much wealth at my fingertips!

Lipper does not appear to make many paintings one could call erotic, but I have picked out these two displayed here where his female subjects (is it the same woman in both paintings?) are indeed sexy. I have to say I love the way that there is a realist focus and an impressionistic surround, as though he is trying to capture how the eye works. The ‘painted woman’ below is wonderful, startling, leaping right off the canvas at us.



Images reproduced under ‘fair use’ provisions.

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