Ask Morgana 100: Joy Argento

ja7 sidebarI keep coming up against these elusive artists who produce fan-images, and then disappear leaving very little mark. Joy Argento is one such. I have managed to find out that she is from Rochester NY, USA, and that she says about herself:

“I am an artist and a writer. My first book, Carrie and Hope, was published April 2011, followed by Emily’s Art and Soul in June 2011. I have been creating art since I was a small child, but the writing is a more recent passion.”

Joy’s work is in the photo-neorealism school, and her paintings have, it is said, often been mistaken for photographs. Along with these she has produced a number of pencil sketches of very tender, touching, lesbian love-scenes. Many of these are directly related to the TV series The L Word, hence my referring to them as fan-images.  A few of them are reproduced here.

But… where are you, Joy? Are you still working? Are you still producing images like these?







Stop press: I have just found some of Joy’s artwork in this YouTube clip.


Images reproduced under ‘fair use’ provisions.

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