Ask Morgana 098: Aslan

a7I have to be honest and say that Alain Gourdon (1930-2014) is not my favourite artist. I admire his draughtsmanship of course, but – is it just me? – are his pictures of women not a little cold? A little antiseptic? There is nudity, but no risk. Perhaps this is really what is meant by ‘objectification’, when a portrait shows no personality, has no feeling. He was the regular artist in Lui magazine, and was commissioned to produce a sculpture of the French national icon Marianne with the features of Brigitte Bardot (see left) after which he produced another with the features of Mireille Mathieu. But where is the pizzazz, the oh-la-la, the joie de vivre, the sexiness, the… the…  damn it all, the Frenchness?

Ultimately I can’t exclude him from this canon of erotica. It wouldn’t be fair. I have included lesser draughtsmen and women so far who have created much sexier art, but I still think he deserves a place here, he deserves to be seen and appraised by you readers.

What do you think? Email me and let me know.





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