Ask Morgana 095: Naisma Anai

Naisma Anai Omg-def-blog-700x284

“In the context of erotic nude I seek the energy that shines through, I seek the eros, I seek elegance, the dirty thoughts of the subject. Sometimes I like to think that the action takes place elsewhere, outside the painting but also inside the deep intimacy of the character portrayed. Every section, line of my digital drawings is created by hand, the computer is my pencil.”

Naisma Anai

Naisma Anai couple-WIP-1-Blog

Naisma Anai couple-WIP-2-Blog

Naisma Anai couple-WIP-3-Blog

Naisma Anai Look-At-Me-Blog

Naisma Anai Selfie-Cut-1-X-sito

Naisma Anai The-Beach-blog-Tw


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