Ask Morgana 087: Luis Royo


Luis Royo (1954-) is a prolific fantasy illustrator whose works have appeared in magazines, on calendars, in books and albums, in portfolios, and in card collections. He has worked with G R R Martin (of Game of Thrones fame) on a children’s book. His work is executed in a high Gothic/fantasy style. Set in eldritch landscapes and cityscapes of shadows, mountains, and spires, his pictures are populated with demons, heroes, and monsters… and of course with fey, feral warrior-maidens. There is blood and body-art, there are piercings and tears, there are swords, spikes, and touch-me-and-die looks, and his women are part houri, part elf-princess, part samurai, part vampire whose love is not for the faint of heart and whose kisses may be honey or poison, depending on the mood of the bestower.







Images reproduced under ‘fair use’ provisions.

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