Ask Morgana 084: Willy Pogany


Vilmos Andreas Pogány (1882-1955), better known as Willy Pogany, was a renowned illustrator of children’s books and other publications. His early 20c work was rooted in Art Nouveau, and traces of that influence can be seen in the beautiful face above, though it could as easily be a sketch for a Renaissance angel or a pre-Raphaelite maiden. Much of his work drew on Classical and Nordic myths, fairy tales, and such. However, what I wish to showcase below is a handful of sketches of nude women, drawn as exercises, or as examples for students to emulate. They have that natural quality I have been searching for. The drawing of a young woman in bondage, perhaps inspired by an an Arabian Nights tale, is not necessarily intended to be an illustration or expression of sado-masochism, but it brushes against that aspect of fetishism in a tantalising way.






Images reproduced under ‘fair use’ provisions.

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