Ask Morgana 083: Colleen Coover


cc2While we’re on the subject of Eros Comix – well, we were a couple of posts ago – they also carry material by an artist whose work I can’t see without smiling. I’m talking about Colleen Coover (1969-). She is a cartoonist who can conjure up figures with a few simple lines, just see the little drawing to the left, which I believe could be a sketch for her book Gingerbread Girl, though don’t quote me on that.

cc6Colleen is perhaps best known for her two Small Favours books, produced to prove that pornography can be cute and charmingly funny. Imagine the following scenario. A young woman has a secret crush on her pretty Japanese neighbour. Enraged at the young woman’s auto-erotic time-wasting (‘procrasturbation’ as a good friend of mine calls it), a Queen from some eldritch underworld sends a little sprite-girl to act as her Jiminy Cricket. The sprite is able to adopt human form, and eventually she stays that way, falling in love with the protagonist. As the sprite is insatiable, their love-life is fairly energetic. As the story develops, they involve a pretty, mixed-heritage girl in a menage-à-trois. Another envoy from the queen – a young woman in a business suit and glasses – is sent to bring the protagonist to heel, but the power of true love, lesbian desire, and her own secret longing to be dominated are too strong for her, and the threesome becomes a quintet with the envoy and the pretty Japanese neighbour fully and enthusiastically involved. Back in her magic realm, even the queen wonders what it would be like to make it a sextet. Interspersed with the main plot are a series of little escapades, picnics, games of ‘doctors and nurses’, and so on.

The result is explicit but never crude, and in a way it is often charming. It’s the sort of erotic art which, to me, doesn’t present any challenge – except of course to be found funny – but which simply weaves a gentle, witty magic. Her other material, by the way, is well worth a ramble through.





Images reproduced under ‘fair use’ provisions.

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