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r2Just who the hell is ‘Rebecca’? Well, that’s the whole point – no one’s saying. As house artist for Eros Comix (the pornographic imprint of Fantagraphic Books from Seattle, Washington), Rebecca is one of the most prolific comic illustrators of the 21c. Apart from the work for Eros, about which more later, Rebecca has created a gallery of femslash fanfic drawings of super-heroines – well, just see above! – of ‘hippie chicks’ full of sexy 60s chic, and of famous female stars in compromising positions. But just who is she? Her persona is like one of these maddening figures from a Venetian carnival, flirting but never revealing gender.

Rebecca’s real identity is a closely-guarded secret. Who is she? The Eros Comix site isn’t saying. They do say this:

Rebecca is a pseudonym for…? No one – or just a few – really knows who hides behind this artist name. We just know that Rebecca is a talented artist and the person behind long running Eros series “Housewives at play”. Naughty entertainment with a twist.

r3Rebecca’s work for Eros Comix draws heavily on two staples of American porn – the ‘hot mom’ and the freckled, barely legal cheerleader type. Often they are paired, as the stories are often about first-time lesbian experiences, which again is a staple of internet porn videos. Sometimes they are even paired in inter-generational incest. Rebecca skates intentionally on thin ice. Here’s what the artist herself has to say about her recurring themes:

I think it first started for me when my kids were small. I would take them (one toddling, the other in stroller) down to the playground in the section where we lived at the time for sun, air, and playtime. The 3 year old would busy herself in the sandbox while the baby and I sat and watched the world go by. That world of course, was filled with what I now like to refer to as ‘hot moms’. You’ve seen them. Pretty young girls ranging in age from 20’s to 40’s with diaper bag and stroller in tow, having absolutely no idea (or do they?) how sexy and desireable they look. They wear shorts and baggy pull overs, and every time they bend or stoop to check the baby an opportunity is given to peek down her blouse (at full, swollen breasts) or at the curve of her hips and ass. Their hair is perfumed, silky, and the latest magazine style which compliments perfectly her wardrobe from J C Penney.  Ahem. Well then. Let’s face it though, God definitely knew what He was doing when he made women. Any woman who won’t admit she admires (or is jealous of) how pretty her neighbor/teacher/sister/hairdresser/etc is is just not being honest. I love girls, and I love drawing them. I love depicting them in all sorts of ways that (most likely) would never happen, except in my neighborhood (the one in my mind). I can (and do) have a sex fantasy everywhere from the grocery store, bank, walking in the park, or the fitting room in Kohl’s. I spend most of my days horny and wet. If my children only knew what their mom does at home all day..

Many of the adventures, fantasies, call them what you will, take place in the absence of a husband. He – it might be Brad, Tad, Chip, Don, or Doug – is away from the middle-American home earning a dollar or two, and meanwhile his wife is bored. A chance visit from a friend, from a neighbour’s daughter, from her out-of-state sister, starts her on a day-long, orgasm-intensive experience. Oh, what would they say at church? At the PTA? Sometimes the encounter is semi public – at the store, in the park, at the mall – and there is a surprised onlooker. Often there are little ironic touches – a lesbian clinch takes place with a wedding photo on the nearby shelf, a protagonist slips out of her panties while a ‘Slow’ sign is visible through the car window. Sometimes Brad, Tad, or Chip comes home, and his gasp of astonishment is the last piece of off-frame commentary. Does the reader imagine himself as Don or Doug, and does he fantasise about joining in later? Because I am sure the generality of Rebecca’s fan base is male.


There is no doubting the all-American beauty of Rebecca’s women and girls. However, there is a worrying aspect to her work for Eros. I mentioned before that incest is often a theme, pairing an idealised mother in, say, her early 40s with her eighteen-year-old daughter – a theme that is still only peripheral to ‘mainstream’ porn, if such a thing as mainstream porn can be said to actually exist. But it is not the only taboo. Sometimes the sex portrayed is less than consensual. The ‘Office Bitch’ can be made into a sex-slave against her will, the two-faced reality TV star can be imprisoned in her own home, made the plaything of her female minions, and eventually of her male camera crew… whoa hold on! This is not just non-consensual, this is gang rape! Time for this ref to blow her whistle.

Friends, if you go looking for Rebecca’s work, do so with your eyes wide open and with your moral and sexual-politics filters fully charged and working. Her best work is intensely erotic, her worst leaves a bad taste, and even takes the shine off her best.



Images reproduced under ‘fair use’ provisions.


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