Ask Morgana 080: Patrick Nagel


Patrick Nagel (1945-1984) is probably best known for his work in Playboy magazine, and for his association with the ‘New Romantic’ era. He worked from photographs, often of Playboy models, simplifying what he saw, removing elements and details that he considered unnecessary, until he achieved a highly stylised result that only hinted at three dimensional depth. His female subjects almost invariably contrast black hair with white skin and carmine lips, and often wear minimal fetish clothing, the highlights of which suggest leather or PVC. This paring down leaves the viewer unsure whether she is looking at a graphic design or an erotic image of a woman.





If anyone would wishes to recommend any other artists whose work I might like to look at, please email me. Details are on my contact page. Thank you.

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One correspondent has asked what I think of 50 Shades of Grey, book or film. I will not comment on the author’s writing style, I will simply say that the book is as relevant to the lifestyle as taking a fish on the Tour de France, and that I shall not be going to see the film.

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