Ask Morgana 076: Ekaterina Moré

Photo of Ekaterina Moré with some of her work.  Nina Moré

Photo of Ekaterina Moré with some of her work.
Nina Moré

em02 MadonnaEkaterina Moré (1976) was born in St Petersburg, Russia, and is currently living and working in Germany. Her subject is woman/women, whom she depicts as long-haired and full of ‘optimism and joy’. Her style is ‘Human PO-sitive P-ainting’, a style derived from Pop Art. For all that, some of her work has an almost Cubist flavour to it, while some runs the risk of being dismissed as a kind of Deco-kitsch. Nevertheless it is work rich in colour, and the subject/object woman always stares out from the painting with a languid and compelling frankness.

Her ‘Madonna’ (left), uncharacteristically, doesn’t. Instead her eyes are cast upward, in imitation of devotional art. Modestly, she covers her breasts, thereby drawing our attention to them. Is this the mother of Christ or the pop star? We see both, perhaps.

em04Here a shoulder, there a neck, always a smouldering look, often rounded breasts, sometimes abandoned nudity, Moré’s woman has a Latin American air to her. She patronises chic cocktail bars, or cafés, drinks latte macchiato. She drapes herself over the arm of a chair, or poses at the wheel of a convertible. Sometimes she is accompanied by a female friend, sometimes more than friendship is hinted at by their physical closeness, but more by the same languid challenge in two pairs of eyes.

There is a different flavour to the work with which the artist is pictured (top). There her women have the look of a German or American model, a different standard of beauty altogether, and along with it a kind of antisepsis to the erotic, a coolness. I think I am going to have to stare at it for longer. Meanwhile, below are some examples of her work where there is still that richness and warmth. I picked them for no reason except that each one appealed to me, and then I realised that in each picture the woman has dark, dark hair…



em06 Vivid Memory

em03 Grapes

em01 Orchidee


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