Ask Morgana 055: Maude Fealy

Before I display today’s images, I am going to field another question. I have been asked why my fiction isn’t more explicit. Well, once I was offered good money to write straight-up porn. I was told that they expected a hand to go down the front of the protagonist’s panties within the first paragraph. I dare say I could write like that, but I just don’t want to. I want my eroticism to happen to real people, in the middle of their lives – because that’s where sex happens. I want to write scenes sometimes that are loaded with sexual tension that never gets discharged. That’s why, when you read my stories, you will get all levels of sexual encounter. Yes, I can and do go into great detail, but also I like to touch my readers with a subtle hand too.

The photos below are of early 20c beauty Maude Fealy. She was born in Memphis, TN, in 1883, and passed away in 1971. Her career spanned stage and silent screen, and went on to the era of the ‘talkie’. There is something ‘modern’ about her looks…

MF ed102 maud-fealy-edwardian-stage-actress

MF ed102b

MF ed102c

MF ed102d

MF ed102e

MF ed102g

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