Ask Morgana 051

Thank you for your questions – see my contact page for details of how to get in touch if any of you have any – I do enjoy receiving and answering them. Here are a couple of the latest.

What do I intend to do when I have finished the current series of Victorian and Edwardian photographs? My plans are to feature some of my favourite erotic artists. Well, not necessarily ‘favourite’, but certainly artists whose ‘take’ on eroticism I appreciate or find interesting. I will not be posting explicit images, but will probably tag the posts as ‘adult’. Any questions before I begin? Please feel free to recommend your favourite artist to me.

Does Dominance/submission always involve sex? That is a common assumption among people outside the lifestyle, but the answer is no, not always. Sex is an integral part of human behavior, and as such comes into many interpersonal relationships, lifestyle or otherwise. However, the positions of Dominance and submission can be heady, exciting ones, with a thrill involved that often feels sexual in that level of excitement. When someone willingly gives herself into my control, all her intimacies come with that gift, and there is nothing more intimate than sex; therefore its place in our relationship is a given, but not always a ‘taken’.

Now back to the photos, a miscellaneous set this time.







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