Ask Morgana 026

I have been asked why so many of the relationships I write about are unsuccessful and involve unhappiness or break-up. The simple answer is that they’re so much more interesting than happy-ever-after ones, there is so much emotional intensity to explore. I have, as I promised, opened a page for the occasional piece of creative writing. What I deposit there may not always be a complete story, it may be little more than a test-piece or a something I’m workshopping; but I hope you enjoy them anyway. I have just posted one called ‘Not belonging’. Caveat: it is mildly erotic in parts, so adult visitors only, please.

My next post will feature Victorian and Edwardian brides. Meanwhile here is a photograph from 1877 of Jennie Churchill, mother of Sir Winston Spencer Churchill, the 20c British statesman. I spotted it because she is wearing a riding habit. As you know, I find ladies’ riding clothes of that era very appealing.

ed74 Jennie Churchill1877

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