Ask Morgana 024

thCatching up with correspondence here – I’m sure you will forgive my sloth in this matter. I have been asked if I am actually writing anything at present. Well, yes and no. I have certainly going through my portfolio of short stories, and have recently presented a collection to HoneyMead Books, who published my short novelette An Air That Kills. As for new writing, I have taken a rest lately, but shall get back in the saddle shortly. I am thinking of opening a page on this site to share one or two stories with you – I may start with a Victorian shocker I wrote several years ago, concerning a cause célèbre of the day (insight into which has only recently been gained by modern DNA technology, but which, nonetheless, I regard as still being open).

On the subject of this ongoing gallery of Victorian and (especially) Edwardian images, another correspondent asks what I have planned for the future. Well, without going into too much detail, I hope to feature inter alia photographs of on a bridal theme, beautiful women of African and far Eastern heritage, erotic images, and much more. What to do when the Edwardiana runs out? Hmm… I don’t know… maybe trashy ‘pulp-fiction’ covers?

“May I ask what You think about operating without a ‘safe word’?” asks a lifestyle-oriented correspondent. Thank you for the honorific, by the way – I should say to correspondents that it isn’t necessary, but the courtesy is nevertheless appreciated. ‘Safe word’ covers a spectrum of devices that are at some times useful and at others downright essential. One might not think that in a simple Dominance/submission activity in an everyday setting, say when enjoying tea for two in a café, there would be any need for such a thing; however, there might be a legitimate reason to break the formality, and an agreed verbal code or gesture asking for and granting permission to do so may be well worth having to hand. When it comes to acting out bondage, punishment, or erotic scenarios, it is difficult to imagine operating without an emergency procedure, and personally I consider it irresponsible to do so. Extreme fetishists occasionally do operate without such a thing, but to my mind that is playing with fire. I shall say no more.

Thank you for those queries. Please do keep them coming.



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