Ask Morgana 006

ed03aI have been asked to share some of my favourite images. It so happens – much as I am truly a woman of the 21c – that I love photographs from a century and more ago, the late Victorian and Edwardian period, so rather than let this section of my web site idle*, I have decided to run a series of them. Most of them are of young women; however, despite who I am and what I write for publication, unless specifically stated the images will not be posted here as erotic items. That is not to say that the dress of that period – tight at the neck, wrist, waist, and ankle, exaggerated elsewhere, pearled, yet décolleté for the evening – do not move me in that way. They do, but that won’t be the prime purpose in reproducing them here. I have not yet decided whether to comment on each image. I think that what might happen is that some of them will be allowed to stand on their own, others to attract an accompanying description, and others to inspire something creative. I hope you enjoy them, and I do hope that if there is something you would like to say, you will email me.

I must add this caveat: beauty notwithstanding, below the surface of the elegant world represented, there were often harsh realities. A passing reference is below, as a token to show that I do not forget.



*I have to admit nothing actually is happening at the moment.

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