Ask Morgana 003

A follower who identifies herself solely as ‘Nokomis’ asks the following questions:

Morgana, do you currently have a submissive?
Yes I do, someone very beautiful, whose submissiveness is exceptional, and for whom I care very much.

What qualities do you look for in a submissive?
I don’t believe this can be expressed on a ‘want list’.  A genuine Domme can tell when someone compliments her. However I can say that I appreciate someone who will obey without question, but at the same time I like her to be a little bratty – not too much, but enough, like salt on a meal. In common with many Dommes I do like someone who can switch to being a ‘bedroom top’ from time to time.

How long have you been into ‘the lifestyle’?
I don’t regard it as a ‘lifestyle’ as such. Being a Domme is who I am, not what I do. It has nothing to be with stomping around giving commands, it has nothing to do with bondage or whipping techniques, it has nothing to do with wearing leather. It’s something in me that has always been there. Having said that, I took on my first proper sub in about 2006.

Would you ever take on a ‘cyber-sub’?
I have no plans to do so at present. Cyber-space can be a safe environment for someone to explore her submissive nature, but it has its  dangers too.