My name is Morgana Somerville. I’m a British writer of erotica.

Whenever I use a web-based form to send one of my* erotic stories to a potential publisher, my finger hovers over the button marked ‘Submit’. “Good grief!” I say to myself, “you wouldn’t dare say that to My** face!” Having said which, I dare say that as many of my stories that are specifically about ‘the lifestyle’ are written from a submissive’s point of view as are written from the point of view of one of my sister Dommes. Moreover, my stories do not exclusively have ‘lifestyle’ themes. You are as likely to come across, comedy, parody, fan-fiction, horror, romance, and fantasy mixed in with the erotic as you read them. Very, very little of my material will actually be here, but as it becomes available I will point you towards it. I do not blow my own trumpet too much – the best Mistresses do not strut, do not strike attitudes, do not shout about themselves. However, you will bookmark this site. I need say no more.

There will be opportunities to ‘ask Morgana‘ about writing, the lifestyle, and so on, and you are invited to contact me. No, I am not open to offers of service – sorry – but polite conversation is always welcome. The ‘Ask Morgana‘ tab is also my blog, so please visit.

Also I invite you to follow me on Twitter – @MorganaSomer.

M Somerville.

*You’ll notice that I am consciously not affecting the upper case ‘M’. I think it looks too mannered on a public web site.
** Except there!